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How do you know your hangar door rails need to be replaced?

by Mark MacDonald 26 Jan 2024

A hangar door is a critical component of any storage facility. They ensure smooth operations and secure storage, giving you peace of mind and the knowledge that your belongings are safe from all kinds of danger. Over time, however, various parts may wear out, affecting the overall functionality. One area that often demands attention is the bottom rails. If you’ve been wondering whether your hangar door rails need to be replaced, look no further—we’ll talk all about it here.

Hangar doors come in various types, each with specific components designed for varied durability and functionality. The bottom rail is a crucial part of the rolling hangar door system, providing stability and support as well as a track for the door itself. Over time, due to regular use and exposure to environmental factors, these bottom rails may exhibit signs of wear and tear.

So how can you know that your hangar door rail might need to be replaced?

A visual inspection is the first step in identifying potential issues in any hangar door. If you notice visible signs of wear such as rust, corrosion, or deformities in the bottom rail, it's an indication that you may need to look into replacement. The rail may also need to be replaced if there are any issues with operating the door; hangar doors should operate smoothly without any significant resistance. If you experience difficulty in opening or closing the door, it could be due to damaged or misaligned bottom rails.

Unusual grinding or squeaking noises during the operation of the hangar door can also be a symptom of issues with the bottom rails. This could be a sign of friction or misalignment that needs attention. Additionally, hangar doors should provide a secure seal when closed. If you notice inconsistencies in the sealing, it could be due to a compromised bottom rail. Gaps between the hangar door and the floor are a clear sign that the bottom rails are not performing optimally. This not only affects security but also energy efficiency, so it’s best to address this issue quickly if possible.

How do you know your hangar door rails need to be replaced?

All of these tips can help you when you’re wondering how to gauge your hangar door’s maintenance needs. When it comes to replacing hangar door rails, choosing a reliable supplier is one of the most important things to consider. Hangar Door Parts specializes in providing top-quality materials for hangar door components. Our replacement rails are built to withstand the rigors of hangar environments, and our wide selection of hangar door parts can provide you with anything else you might need.

With years of experience in the industry, Hangar Door Parts understands the unique requirements of hangar doors. Our expertise ensures you get the right replacement parts for your specific door type. We offer the perfect replacement rails to suit different hangar door setups, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your door system. Trust Hangar Door Parts for high-quality, reliable replacement rails tailored to your hangar door's specific needs. Ready to get started? Contact us today for more information!

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