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What makes a good caster wheel?

by Mark MacDonald 21 Nov 2022

Bottom rolling hangar doors have grown significantly in popularity in the past years, and they are probably the most in-demand type of hangar door used today. Their value is immense because of the variety of benefits that can come from them, such as their ability to withstand harsh conditions and the fact that they cause a lower strain on the building overall.

The defining quality of bottom rolling hangar doors is, obviously, the fact that they roll from side to side instead of lifting or folding above the hangar. In order to do this, bottom rolling hangar doors employ the use of a type of wheel called a caster wheel, which are usually rigid and made of steel in order to support the heavy load presented by hangar doors. In the case of use with hangar doors, these caster wheels are placed on a track, and can be one-directional or bi-parting, meaning that they split a door down the middle. 

This may lead to the question, then, of what kinds of caster wheels work the best for hangar doors? A good caster wheel has many components, and it is important to understand that caster wheels can be used for a variety of different industries. For the purposes of rolling hangar doors, however, there are a few qualities that they must possess to be considered “good.”

One of the first things you should consider when you are thinking about good caster wheels for your hangar door is the type of wheel you should purchase. As mentioned earlier, caster wheels for hangar doors are often much more rigid and are therefore limited to moving forward and backward, but this rigidity is necessary for the stability of your hangar doors. 

Another factor that is absolutely necessary for your doors’ stability is the load capacity of the wheels themselves. Heavy-duty, larger caster wheels are better suited for these kinds of doors. It is very important to invest in wheels that can handle a capacity larger than that which is technically required for your doors in case any unusual conditions arise, such as inclement weather or some structural issue that puts more weight on the hangar. Iron core, cast iron, and aluminum core caster wheels are some of the strongest kinds of casters.

The best caster wheel for a hangar door is, ultimately, a rigid type. These only move forward and backward, but that is the only movement that is necessary, and what these wheels lack in mobility they make up for in the sheer amount of load that they can handle. If you are looking for high-quality, reliable caster wheels, be sure to check out our rolling door products for all your needs. If you have any more questions, or just want more information about the best caster wheels for your rolling hangar door, contact us and we’ll get back to you with whatever you need!

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