Hangar Door Weather Seals

Hangar Door Weather Seal

Weather Seals for Your Hangar Doors

WELL BILT Industries wants to ensure that your hangar door is both reliable and efficient. We offer a variety of weather seals to amplify the protection your door provides. Prevent wind, water, and debris from slipping past your hangar door with a reliable weather seal. Our selection of weather seals not only prevent debris, but also provide UV ray protection and put a stop to excess energy use.

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UV Ray Protection

The weather seals we provide are made of EPDM rubber, a durable material that offers protection from UV rays along with other elements of nature. These weather seals are impermeable, fully sealing away harmful weather from entering your hangar. EPDM weather seals will protect your aircraft, vehicle, or machine from UV damage, unlike other weather seals.

Energy Efficiency

Close off any gaps your hangar door has with the perfect weather seal. Gaps between your hangar door not only make your hangar vulnerable, but also create a costly issue with air escaping. Without a proper weather seal on your hangar door, energy costs can quickly escalate without anyone noticing. Maximize energy efficiency with a secure weather seal that will keep animals, dirt, and other debris out and protect the interior.

Find the Seal that Fits Your Door

1/16in Thick Hangar Door Weather Seal

1/16 inch

1/8in Thick Hangar Door Weather Seal

1/8 inch

3/16in Thick Hangar Door Weather Seal

3/16 inch


These weather seals come in different widths and lengths, suitable for both the tops and bottoms of doors, as well as gaps in need of greater protection. The material is the best in the game, with a durable quality and great insulation. It has a sleek black look that will improve the appearance of your door, as well as the efficiency.

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