Hydraulic Door Brush Seals

Hydraulic doors are all the rage in the hangar door world. Hydraulic door brush seals are the only way to ensure that your hydraulic door will be protected at its base. Using brush seals from Hangar Door Parts ensures that your commercial or residential doors will be sealed and safe!

Hangar Door Parts sells all of the parts you need to build the perfect hydraulic door brush seal. With easy installation and commercial standards, these brush seals are everything you need to keep the bad stuff out! 


Our brush seals for hydraulic doors come in two main sizes: 5 in. x 8 or 10 ft. long. Check your door’s measurements to determine which size is the best for you.


Have our team install it! Hangar Door Parts is happy to assist with any installation needs.

What You Need

The brush seal is composed of two parts: the brush seal insert and the brush seal retainer. The insert is the actual brush part that keeps out drafts, winds, odors, and animals. The retainer holds it in place. Both parts are needed for an effective brush seal for your hydraulic hangar door.